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From up Above

Alex K6VHF is planning to operate via satellites as YJ0NA. He will be using following setup:

  • 10el(435MHz) + 4el(145MHz) ARROW Antenna

  • Mini-70 435MHz preamplifier

  • SAT tracker 

  • IC-705 (10w radio) or IC-9700


Alex is also planning to operate via IO-117 and RS-44 satellites in SSB(L/U) and Packet modes.

Antenna positioning will be done manually, doppler compensation automatically. Alex will do his best to be active on each of available satellite passes. 


Working YJ0NA via Satellites policy:

  • Please be courteous of others

  • Please be patient, do NOT call many times if there no response

  • Do NOT send 73 unless you received RR and your callsign

  • Our reply can be to multiple stations in one message

  • Please send only GRID, RST and CALL

  • Please do NOT call if QSO was made previously

  • Please respect others who trying to work a new country

  • Please do NOT use high power and DO respect satellite designers recommendations

  • QSL cards policy is the same as for YJ0TT 

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