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The Six meter side of the island (efate)

We weren't sure how we were going to pull this off.  Six meter operation from Vanuatu sounded like a great idea since I'm an avid and very successful 6m EME aficionado!  While we knew what we wanted to bring to Vanuatu, however, weight has been a concern.  We decided, "What the heck!", let's do it and decided that the six meter equipment list would be comprised of "The Brains" of a Icom IC-7300, "The muscle" of an EB104 amp wielding a whopping 1500 watts of power, and "The laser focus" of an 8 element six meter GJ version antenna.  A 21ft custom built, lightweight mast has been built in the Bakersfield, California facility of Phil (W6UC) especially for our trip.

Leon (NJ6P), the "Gadget Wizard" has prepared a digital-level conversion for remote readout on elevation.  The Azimuth will take advantage of the technologic advanced "Armstrong" device which was recently acquired, via compass (magnetic or phone app).  The good news is that we've secured an exotic resort on the North West side of Efate.  We will set up a beachfront, which has an open view to the moon for a full pass we're told.


Our EME plan was for the very first three days, but it may extend a few more days to take advantage of low degradation, YES! we will run terrestrial to the full extent available during the non-moon time or poor EME condx.  We have at this time decided to include some CW activity on six meters as well as the FT8 beacon with MSHV.  EME communication will leverage WSJT-X most likely running version 2.7.0-rc2 and the new mode Q65 Pileup.  The North America EME access is a very long opening so Leon  (NJ6P) has suggested Europe be given a first chance if seen due to limited windows on all days.


We look forward to working many six meter QSO's about the globe.  See you from the Vanuatu Adventure (six meter)


Phil (W6UC, YJ0UC)

Leon (NJ6P, YJ0EE)

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