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01 Welcome

DX is our Obsession!!

We are DXO

02 Expeditions

Satelite Dish

03 BAND PlanS



EME: 50.190 (Q65)

FT8: 50.323

CW: 50.110

SSB: 50.215

CW: 28.035

FT8: 28.090

SSB: 28.495


CW: 24.900

FT8: 24.910

SSB: 24.930


CW: 21.035

FT8: 21.090

SSB: 21.295


CW: 18.070

FT8: 18.095

SSB: 18.150


CW: 14.035

FT8: 14.090

SSB: 14.195



CW: 7.035

FT8: 7.090

SSB: 7.195

CW: 10.133

FT8: 10.130






CW: 3.535

FT8: 3.590


CW: 1.835

FT8: 1.840

04 The Team

Passion led us here
Holiday Destination

DXObsessed, where does it come from?  It starts with your first contact, the initial spark.  As time passes, the hunger for the next DX contact increases as you listen intensely.  The chase turns into the hunt, and you begin to engage with others, and gravitate toward those sharing your passion; that’s how Marc (NC7M) and I (NG7E) started.


While distance separated us initially, we (Marc and I) met in Seaside Oregon at SeaPac.  From there, the bond grew, sharing ideas, sharing how we arrived at this place in time, and most importantly, where we would go from here.   Marc led, and I followed as our eagerness to expand toward new adventures and opportunities gained momentum.


We know where we are… but where we are going is what keeps this Obsession alive.  Chasing DX and being chased as DX is what we strive for.  Our goal is simple, build on the knowledge of others, encourage others with similar mindsets to take on the challenge when the challenge calls, and connect with others to join us as we embark on other DXPeditions.


We’re taking small steps for now, as our first step together started with St. Lucia, and our second step is Vanuatu (October 2023), embarking together with 4 others that share the same Obsession for DX (Scott N7JI, Alex K6VHF, Phil W6UC, and Leon NJ6P).


Share the adventure with us and encourage us with your support!!



~ DXObsessed ~

05 About DXO

06 Equipment

Image by Chris Linnett


2 x BuddiPole BuddiHex

1 x SteppIR CrankIR

SpiderBeam Poles (30m, 40m, 60, 80m, 160m)

8 Element 6m (W7GJ custom design)

2015-01-12 20.59.35.jpg


Yaesu FT-991A

Icom IC-7300


Elecraft  KPA500

SPE Expert 1.3K-FA

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07 Contact Us

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