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November 11, 2023

What's next for DXO???

The DXObsessed team has begun reviewing destinations in order to select the most viable location that ensures the greatest opportunity for maximum QSO harvesting.  We will provide updates as things unfold!

Thank you for your support as we move forwards.

See ya on the air!!

The DXObsessed team...

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October 22, 2023

Last Minute Updates

As the day approaches for our journey to Vanuatu, we gather up all of our belongings, we're double and triple checking to ensure we have what we need to begin our DXPedition from beautiful Vanuatu!  As we meet up at the airport, please stay tuned for updates via this website.  A great big thanks to all of our donors and those yet to donate!!

See ya on the air!!

The DXObsessed team...

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August 29, 2023

EME News Update

The private residence EME TX site has fell through, but the EME team has set focus on an exotic resort on the North West side of Efate.

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July 24, 2023

EME News Update

six eme de YJ0....

Leon (NJ6P) and Phil (W6UC) will be available during the DXPedition moon rise through moon set.  We have been granted use of a private beach area with good visibility into the skies and away from "city slickers" on the Island.


We have made some small changes to the equipment..

  • Replaced FTDX-3000 for the FT-857 in order to reduce weight

  • 8 Elem Yagi of the W7GJ lineage which has been used successfully by other DXPeditioners

  • 21ft custom built lightweight mast built by Phil (W6UC) at his Bakersfield manufacturing facility

  • Elevation will be via the very simple design of Lance (W7GJ) found on his website

  • We are taking a substantial amount of LMR600

  • We will be using an EB 104 amp with 1500 watts of power if needed.

  • We are planning on using the latest version of WSJTX for software and using the Lance DX format.  This will help accommodate more than one caller at a time so "Don't be bashful!"

  • During the first 3 days we will have the best of conditions so "get in" and "get in the log".

The DXObsessed team welcomes all callers any time!!  Thank you and see you from the Volcanic, "shake rattle and roll" Island of Vanuatu!!

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